“If a story is to have any value for a child it should bring some meaning to life, love, art, and the unconscious. It is for that very reason that a mermaid never goes anywhere without a porpoise.”
Leslie McGuire 

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     Thank you so much for coming to my site! I am delighted to talk with you because I believe that children are our most important asset. The American Indians made all their decisions based on what would happen seven generations out. They felt any decision they made would have far reaching consequences and they were right. What else do we have but our children?
     I have spent my whole life trying to make books for children that would give them what they need to live lives that are expansive, brave, and fulfilling. Let’s travel this road together. Thank you for joining me!!. >>more
Leslie McGuire
Leslie brings not only her expertise in product development, but an across-the-board knowledge of the industry and its standards. >>more
Leslie is a winner of the Parent's Choice Award and the Teacher's Choice Award. >>more
Leslie has had many articles written about her contributions to children's literature. >>more
Leslie has always felt children should not only have books to read with a strong message, but even more important, they should love reading. >>more
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